What to wear for Family Pictures

Trying to figure out "outfits" for a family photography session only brings one word to mind, "stressful".  I understand and have been there myself before I figured out the missing puzzle piece to finding great outfits. The little secret is called Color Palette!  I think we all at one time or another fall into the habit of wanting our kids to be all matching match. I still do at certain times but for photos its more about creating a beautiful color palette for your photography session.  I tell my clients to focus on 1 or 2 colors and blend them in throughout the family. I would have Dad wear a shirt with maroon color and accent the color with a pop of maroon in baby girls headband. Its all about making the colors flow throughout the family. The outfit below is a great example of a natural look with a pop of color.  This works best for a natural beach session.  Please email Danelle Joy Photography for individual help regarding "what to wear" at your next photography session.

What Wear.jpg