What to wear for Family Pictures

Trying to figure out "outfits" for a family photography session only brings one word to mind, "stressful".  I understand and have been there myself before I figured out the missing puzzle piece to finding great outfits. The little secret is called Color Palette!  I think we all at one time or another fall into the habit of wanting our kids to be all matching match. I still do at certain times but for photos its more about creating a beautiful color palette for your photography session.  I tell my clients to focus on 1 or 2 colors and blend them in throughout the family. I would have Dad wear a shirt with maroon color and accent the color with a pop of maroon in baby girls headband. Its all about making the colors flow throughout the family. The outfit below is a great example of a natural look with a pop of color.  This works best for a natural beach session.  Please email Danelle Joy Photography for individual help regarding "what to wear" at your next photography session.

What Wear.jpg

The Magic in the Golden Hour

The magic of the golden hour... Even though I don't live in the beautiful Outer banks  area of the Carolinas, this place can create some magical photos. Plan a visit to the Headlands beach during the late summer months, an hour before sunset and you will find some breathtaking backdrops. Headlands is located in Mentor, OH Lake County and is the longest natural beach along Lake Erie in Ohio. What exactly is the "Golden Hour"? It is typically the period shortly after sunrise or before sunset during which daylight is redder and softer. Its during this time that creates a beautiful golden glow in your images. The beach boasts natural sandy, golden rod beach grass and beautiful lighthouse. This is the perfect package to create stunning family photos.

Headlands Beach. Mentor, OH Lake County