Beautiful in home session with a precious little lady

There is something so special about those first few months when your newborn is brought home. Everything is so very fresh, new, exciting and precious all wrapped up together. Its these little moments you wish you could stop time and soak it all in. It all happens so fast from the moment you bring them home you blink and they are riding their bike. This is why hitting the pause button with photography is so important for any new family. Doing the in home lifestyle photography sessions have become a new favorite of mine. These are not posed, unpractical and stiff images. More like natural, candid and breath taking is a better way to describe lifestyle photography. I had so much fun with the H family and their new baby girl. We were able to capture so many beautiful shots throughout the home while working on the baby's timetable. If you are considering newborn photography it is best to book prior to delivery. Please contact me for more information on my newborn packages.

newborn photography, lifestyle photography, family photography
newborn photography, lifestyle photography, family photography
newborn photography, lifestyle photography, family photography
Newborn Photography, lifestyle, photography
Lifestyle photography, newborn photography
Lifestyle Photography, newborn photography, family photography
newborn photography, lifestyle photography, family photography

A Beautiful Newborn and Lifestyle in home Session.

You may have heard the term "Lifestyle Family Session", but never fully understood what that meant or what it entails. I was excited to announce my Newborn sessions now have the option of adding on the Lifestyle Session at a clients home. So what is a "Lifestyle Session"? The at-home lifestyle newborn sessions are about the connection and love that family members already have for this new life. During these sessions my goal is to capture the special moments with each family member and the baby as well as the family all together. The siblings are involved as well with the session. The benefits of having the session in your home is to allow the siblings to run and play while the "newborn posed" pictures are taking place. These sessions are at a much more relaxed-casual pace and often times the youngest member of the family (aka, the newborn) will dictate how the session runs.  The session is usually 2-3 hours in length depending on how sleepy the baby is in order to achieve the newborn poses. I usually like to start the session with the Newborn. It is best to keep the baby awake 2-3 hours and fed prior to my arrival. Once I arrive I prefer to begin with the newborn photos. These photos usually consist of props and the use of my beanbag. If the baby is not cooperating, no worries, we may move to the nursery with some candid mom and baby photos. Its a very laid back session, and we all go with the flow.  If the baby is still not quite ready for their individual pictures this is a great time to photograph the baby with mom, dad and incorporate the siblings. After those pictures are complete, I will go back to the newborn photos. My newborn photos are a mixture of swaddling in a few "posed" positions but often times they may appear in a more relaxed newborn position. My goal isn't to turn your beautiful newborn into a "frog" pose but rather photograph all the unique and beautiful qualities the newborn has in a more natural way. This would include the baby's feet, eye lashes, and flaking skin. After all, time waits for no one, and we have a very small window of time to capture these beautiful newborn characteristics. If you are interested in my "Simply Beautiful Newborn" Sessions, please contact me for pricing and booking. It is best to book the newborn sessions prior to delivery. The best time period to photograph newborns is day 2-12 of life. Anytime before 2 weeks of life is best and helps to achieve the sleepy and newborn qualities. 

Lifestyle Photography, Newborn Photography
Lifestyle, Newborn Photography
Newborn Photography
Newborn Photography
Newborn Photography
Newborn Photography
Newborn Photography
Lifestyle Photography-Newborn Photography
Newborn Photography, Lifestyle Photography
Lifestyle Photography
Newborn Session

A Fall Family Session at the Hapersfield Covered Bridge

The beautiful fall colors paired with a covered bridge might just be my new favorite location for fall family photos. I was asked by the S. Family to take their family photos at the Harpersfield Covered Bridge. The bridge is located near Geneva in Ashtabula County.  As soon as I drove through the bridge and saw the beautiful water, trees and falling leaves I knew this would soon become a special place.  The more I talked with the S. Family I began to learn how this place held a special meaning to them. They spoke how their grandparents would visit here often and they even had an oil painting of the bridge hanging in their home. My goal was to re create those images and memories the best I could with the covered bridge. The bridge dates as far back to 1868, when it was first constructed. I greatly enjoyed my time with the S. Family, they all were so much fun to be around and make some memories together. Here are some of my favorites from our time together.

Fall Family Photography, Fall Family session, Cleveland Family Photography, Cleveland Family photographer, fall photos, lake county, harpersfield covered bridge
Fall Family Photography, family photos, Cleveland Family Photography, Cleveland Family Photographer
Harpersfield Covered bridge, Fall Family Photos, Fall Family Photography, Fall Family Photographer
Fall Family Photography, Fall Photos, Cleveland Family Photography, Cleveland Family Photographer

Headlands Beach Summer Mini Sessions - Cleveland, Ohio Family Portraits

The Summer Mini Sessions for July 2017 were held at Headlands Beach. It may not be known as one of the most beautiful places in all of Ohio for swimming. However, it continues to be my favorite places in Ohio for family portraits. The natural sandy beach, tall grasses, blue water and golden light all come together and make a beautiful backdrop for photography. I was lucky enough to have 6 families join me in my Summer Minis and capture some beautiful images. Headlands beach is and will always be a favorite place to photograph many families to come!

Headlands Beach, Ohio, Summer Mini Session

A lovely couple at Squires Castle

There is nothing more beautiful than a young couple in love. I felt so honored to photograph this lovely couple on a  warm summer night. This fun Engagement Photography Session took place at Squires Castle in Willoughby Hills, OH. This castle is nestled in the Cleveland Metroparks and served as a romantic backdrop.  

Engagement Session. Squires Castle. Cleveland OH