Sunflower Mini Photography Sessions | Avon, Ohio | Maria's Field of Hope

Maria’s field of Hope is the Prayers from Maria Foundation first planted the Sunflower field in 2014 to gracefully draw attention to the lack of funding for childhood cancer.  The field was inspired by the memory and spirit of Maria McNamara, planted as a way to love and honor the courageous children who are battling cancer and those we have lost. The field is located in Avon, Ohio and is really a beautiful and heartbreaking atmosphere at the same time. The field itself is very beautiful with its acreage of sunflowers spreading for miles. However at the same time, each field is lined with yellow signs and pictures of precious children that have either lost there battle with cancer or currently in the middle of battling cancer.

I started offering mini photography session at Maria’s field for families to celebrate and take in the beauty of the field. I also am happy to donate 50% of my earning to Maria’s foundation in order to help find a cure for Childhood cancer. 2018 might have marked that last time the sunflower field will take place in Avon, Ohio.

I am hopefully Maria’s foundation will find another plot of land and continue this amazing foundation they have started.

Maria's Field of Hope | Sunflower Mini Sessions | Avon, Ohio
Maria's Field of Hope | Cleveland Family Photographer | Avon, Ohio
Maria's Field of Hope | Cleveland Engagement Photography | Avon, Oho
Cleveland Engagement Session | Sunflower Field | Cleveland, Ohio

Sunflower Family Sessions

If you frequently travel around the Cleveland, Ohio area specifically Avon, Ohio you may have noticed the beautiful sunflower filed. This field can be seen off of I-90 in Avon, Ohio. This beautiful sunflower field is planted every year to raise awareness for childhood cancer, specifically Childhood Gliomas. The field is named "Marias field of Hope" and was started by the McNamara Family after they lost their beautiful 6 year old daughter Maria to a Brain Tumor. Now every year it is their mission to raise awareness to all the many of young children lost too soon to Childhood Cancer. The field is bittersweet as it boasts with beauty but also heartbreaking as you read about the many children still fighting a battle today. This field receives visitors in the month of September, as many families visit the field wanting to capture a few snapshots with their own family in the flowers. I was happy to host a sunflower family mini session with 5 families and I also donated a large percentage of my earnings to the Maria's Field of Hope Fund. Here are some of the beautiful images we created in the Sunflower Field.

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