Fall Family Mini Photography Sessions | Cleveland, Ohio

Its my favorite time of year! The leaves are turning, the air is crisp and everyone is thinking about updating those family photos! Fall is a wonderful time to update the pictures and create some timeless looking photos for your home. Mini sessions are only offered a few times throughout the year and only a few days. What exactly is a Mini session anyway?

Mini Sessions are a small quick 20 minute session. The client usually has the options of picking a 5 or 10 digital image package. I know so many people love the mini session idea because they feel often times their kids wont last the full hour during a regular family session.

I do have mixed feelings about mini sessions. I love them because I know this is what my clients want and wish I offered them more often. I do and always will continue to offer them. The downside for me, is I often times feel rushed and I don’t like to be a “clock watcher” when shooting family photos. Unfortunately, I need to in order to keep the families on schedule for the day. I really enjoy my regular family sessions probably the best and I continue to book those throughout the fall and winter as well. This is a full hour up to 90 minutes shooting pictures, talking with the family and capturing those genuine family moments on film.

The mini sessions I am offering this year is 3 days of Fall Mini Sessions. 3 days of Winter Mini sessions at a local tree farm. In the spring I may offer an Easter Mini Session and usually a beach mini session during the summer. Keep in mind you do not need to wait to to book for your family session with a mini. I book and accept clients for regular family sessions throughout the year.

Please contact me if you would like to get scheduled for your family session.

Fall Family Mini Sessions, Cleveland Family Photographer, Squires Castle
Fall Family mini Session, Cleveland Family Photographer, Squires Castle