The benefits of Newborn Lifestyle Photography | Cleveland, Ohio | Lake County, Ohio

Those tiny toes, the fluttering eyelashes, the way they grasp their parents’ fingers. These are the moments that parents want to record and keep forever.  There really is two different types of Newborn Photography today. There is the traditional Newborn Photography which is the type of photos you see with babies in baskets, bowls and backdrops. I currently offer this type of photography and is done at all of my newborn sessions. I also have a variety of “high-end” wraps, headbands and accessories to choose from while customizing your session.

The second type of Newborn photography is known as Lifestyle photography. So what exactly is this? This is more like photojournalism in that it is designed to tell a story, and document the baby with their new surroundings. These tend to be shots that are more real and less staged, designed to capture the essence of having a newborn. This is truly my favorite since it allows poses to be natural, unposed and artistic all at the same time. The true benefit of Lifestyle photography is the session takes place in the comforts of your OWN home! How great is that! Especially after coming home from the hospital, who really wants to leave to go get pictures taken. I am happy to bring everything to you! At my Lifestyle sessions, I bring all of my props, swaddles and accessories with me. I do a combination of traditional newborn poses so you don’t miss out on those plus lifestyle photography throughout your home. No worries if you have high energy toddlers at home too. I will capture those true smiles and laughs all while incorporating the newest member of your family:)

I currently blend in a 3rd option with all of my newborn sessions. I have become known as the “unposed” Newborn photography style. This typically is a white sheet with a white wrap flowing around the baby. I love this new unique style that looks as it should. Unposed and 100% natural at the same time. Please look below for examples of my most recent lifestyle session that took place.

My spring calendar is filling up, Contact me today if your interested in booking your Newborn Session today!

Newborn Lifestyle Photography, Cleveland Ohio, Concord Township, Ohio, Lake County Ohio
Lifestyle Newborn Photography, Cleveland, Ohio, Lake County Ohio
LIfestyle Newborn Photographer, Cleveland, Ohio Lake County Ohio