50% OFF all Professional Prints | Cleveland, Ohio | Mentor, Ohio

Professional Photography is an Investment. From start to finish there is a lot of time, thought, and cost involved while having professional photography done. The time is spent researching the perfect photographer, the outfit and finally the cost of the the photography package. You need to ask yourself after all the time and money has added up, why would you cut corners with printing the final product for your home? All of my photography packages include the “original resolution” images. That is an amazing offer since this allows the client to print poster size images without pixilation and as many times as they would like. The client now owns the digital rights to the images. However, when your end goal is to display a beautiful piece of artwork in your home, why would you settle with cheap prints. I can not stress enough the importance of high quality printing.

Many stores such as Walgreens and Target offer printing, but its low cost and low quality as well. Their colors are not always true, calibrated and will not equal professional quality. I am also not responsible for any printing errors that take place at 3rd party printing facilities. That is why I am happy to announce a savings for my customers with my professional print company who I collaborate with.

I am now offering 50% off on all prints, canvases and metal prints (excludes digital images) to all of my clients who purchase a regular priced photography session. While choosing to print with my lab, I can guarantee the colors are calibrated, true and will be high quality.

After all, if you are investing in Professional Photography you should not only start with the best but finish with a beautiful piece of artwork. Contact me today to get started on your next photography session.

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